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Professional Excavation Service in Kelowna

At Digg’N 4 U Contracting Ltd, we have over 30 years of experience working with heavy-duty equipment in order to help our customers complete site preparation and excavation projects. We are known for our competitive pricing and take great pride in our work for providing our clients with quality excavation services in Kelowna, amongst other services.

Our services are perfect for preparing land for basement construction, sewer construction or the installation of underground utilities. Because of the wealth of knowledge of our crew, you can be sure that your excavation project will be finished on schedule, and you will be able to concentrate on your main work.

You can trust in our team to deliver superior results at a price you can afford, so contact Digg’N 4 U Contracting Ltd for excavation services in Kelowna, and we will be there to get the job done.



Reasons Why You Should Use Professional Excavation Services

For various purposes, whether business or residential, excavation work is required. You'll require a qualified excavation contractor if you're clearing property for a new house or laying a foundation. Additionally, it's crucial to choose the appropriate professional contractor for the task. Here are a few reasons you could benefit from a professional excavation service:

  • Have the right equipment for the job: The equipment needed for the excavation process will vary depending on the kind of project you are working on. It can be necessary to remove trees, boulders, or, most likely, some topsoil for residential projects.

  • Professionals minimize the chance of property damage: Even though certain excavating activities might appear like simple do-it-yourself projects, it's always best to leave it to the pros, but if not done properly can cause severe damage or injury. A professional excavator will know how to navigate through the work site. 

  • Handle the cleanup thereafter: Excavations are messy jobs, so there will be tons of trash and mess after they are finished. Since you'll be working alone, you'll have to handle the soil and debris disposal. However, a professional will take care of the cleanup after the project is finished. They won't just work fast and effectively; they'll also ensure that your project continues immediately.

  • To move or remove dirt: The process of moving the dirt is what an excavation company does. They have the right equipment and skills to remove the pile of dirt in front of your residence or office. 

  • Arrangement of permissions: An excavation company can help you get the required permit for the work to get started on time. Permits are usually related to laws in regard to material removal, noises, etc.


Why Choose Us?

We understand that excavation contractors are quite a risky job that requires experience and the right tools. Here are the reasons to choose professionals like us to take the job:

  • Whether it is a commercial, industrial or residential project, we provide a wide range of excavation services in Kelowna. From bulldozing to helping you construct retaining walls and dump truck services to site prep and retaining wall construction - we do it all.

  • We have the necessary equipment to do site preparation or excavate the field. We don't just have the right equipment but have the skills to use them properly. We have over 30 years of experience in excavation jobs, which helps us ensure that the given task is done safely and on time. 

  • We provide dependable state-of-the-art excavators who will ensure a seamless customer experience and optimum safety at the site, no matter what.

We understand that you might have a few questions before getting started on a project which is why we offer a free estimate to all our clients. Call us to get one or to get your queries solved.


Our Superb Services

We believe in delivering a holistic experience to all our customers by providing services like:


Excavating services
We cater to both large and small projects with the help of our state-of-the-art excavators and a hardworking team. These excavators are extremely beneficial for digging out basements. Learn more about our excavation service.


Bulldozing services
From land clearing to driveway construction, you can rely on us for exceptional bulldozing services. We have several options when it comes to bulldozing structures of all sizes.


Dump truck services
We have full-size dump trucks that help us manage waste in a functional and systematic way. Find more about our gravel hauling service.


Site prep
We assist you from the get-go. Whether you need land prepared for a building site or future construction, we can get your project started with our convenient site preparation services.


Rock/retaining walls
If you are in need of a retaining wall, we can use rocks or other viable materials to complete durable constructions quickly and efficiently. Read more about our retaining walls service.


Professional Excavation Services

No matter the size of the excavation site, we have the right equipment and skilled team to handle such tasks.


We serve residential & commercial clients in the Okanagan Valley

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